Kern Merchant Services

Approve More of Your Customers!

Here are the keys to Kern Merchant Services Finance Program:

• $350 – $4,000 Loan Amounts
• 12 & 24 Month Loan Terms
• Instant Online Credit Decisions
• No Paystubs or Bank Statements Required
• 2.99% Merchant Fee
• 90 Days Interest Free Pricing Included
• Funding within 48 Hours

One Source for ALL your Customers Other finance companies only approve applications that meet very specific credit requirements. Kern Merchant Services Finance removes the guesswork and makes it easy for your customers to finance their purchase. Our online application process gets your customers  approved instantly without submitting paystubs or bank statements. Whether your customer has good, challenged or poor credit, we’ve got you covered. Best of all we do this at a very low cost to you; a 2.99% merchant fee, with no additional fee for the included 90 Days Interest Free Promo.

Your customer’s payment and maximum loan amount are based on their ability to pay. Higher risk credit customers will pay more while your Merchant Fee will remain 2.99%.

EasyPay Finance Program Sample (Customer Semi-Monthly Payment by Credit Tier*)

Loan Amount Merchant Fee Paid To Merchant A B C D E
$500 2.99% $485 $13.85 $17.97 $23.74 $47.61 $49.27
$1,500 2.99% $1,455 $41.55 $53.91 $71.23 $142.82 N/A
$2,500 2.99% $2,425 $69.25 $89.86 $118.72 N/A N/A
$4,000 2.99% $3,880 $110.80 $143.77 N/A N/A N/A

* Tiers A, B and C are 24 month loans, Tiers D and E are limited to 12 months. APR and Approval Amount also vary by Credit Tier.

• To qualify, your product or services to the customer must be fully rendered within 30 days.
• Applicants must earn at least $1,000 per month + have checking account in good standing.

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